Doula Services

Having one of our doulas come to your home at this most precious time will be like having a family member help with you and your baby.

Doula Services

Our Goal

As postpartum doulas, our goal is to help relieve you of your daily household pressures, assist with your day to day tasks and facilitate your post-natal recovery.

With our support services, you can get the rest you need while having you and your baby's needs met.

Services Available

  • Mother Care: Motherhood is a major life transition. Our doulas provide specialized care to ensure mothers cope well, receive enough rest, eat nutritious meals and develop confidence in her abilities to care for her baby.
  • Breastfeeding Support: We can provide you with support if you are nursing. Most of our doulas are mothers who have breast fed their own children and have completed courses in the field. We have breastfeeding counselors on staff to work with you if you need extra help.
  • Multiples Care: Our doulas have gained extensive experience providing support for twins and triplet families. Families with multiples often require overnight doula support. We are confident and experienced in both night and day care.
  • Nights: Feel reassured, have a qualified caregiver watch over your newborn during the night. Sleeping peacefully will help you get the adequate rest you need.
  • Sibling Care: We want every family member to feel part of the new experiences so we give extra attention to siblings. We’ll take them for a walk, play games or care for the new baby so the parents can spend some one-on-one time with the other children.
  • Gift Certificates: Ask us about our gift certificates and baby registry.


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